What are the objectives of the strategy?

The strategy will assist the Government of Bermuda in (1) defining existing constraints and capacities specific to water and wastewater services; (2) considering and evaluating alternatives to the current service regime specific to water and wastewater services; and (3) identifying preferred water and wastewater servicing strategies.

What are the anticipated outcomes of the Strategy for Sustainable Water and Wastewater Servicing?

  • Offer options for management of water and wastewater service delivery;
  • Identify infrastructure required to deliver sustainable water and wastewater services for the next 25-year and beyond
  • Complete a financial analysis of the current and proposed water and wastewater service delivery systems.

So basically, what are the true water and wastewater services options available, what is required to be built to provide these services, who will manage the systems, and what are the financial implications of these service options?

Who are the stakeholders involved?

Please see the list of stakeholders.

How am I able to provide guidance and feedback?

Great question; thank you for asking!  Please go to this link to take the survey.  Your guidance and feedback is essential for the Government of Bermuda to make thorough investment decisions on your behalf.


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A Goal Without A Strategy Is Just A Wish.
— Adapted from a quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry